The current projects portfolio represents an investment of more than 5,000 million dollars

Leaders in renewable energies

International presence in Chile, Mexico, Panama and India

Constant growth

The photovoltaic projects total 5,000 MW

International Presence


Diversified and balanced portfolio in emerging countries with strong development potential.

Cox Energy is present in Latin America, Asia and Africa and Spain.  has offices in Madrid (Corporate), Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Panama City and New Delhi.

South America

Cox Energy has a capacity of more than 2,000 MWp in solar photovoltaic and wind power. In Chile it has been awarded projects to generate 264 GWh per year, which will come into operation in 2022.


Cox Energy has projects at different stages of development to install 1,600 MWp in the following states: Jalisco, Hidalgo and Mexico. The company has a capacity for a further 240 MWp.

In Panama, the company owns land that is under development, with the capacity to put into operation up to 120 MWp of power in the Llano Sánchez desert.


Cox Energy has projects in India with a total capacity of 1,200 MWp. The company has signed an agreement with the Waaree Group for the construction and commissioning of photovoltaic power stations in the country, for the distributed generation and commercialisation of electricity.


Cox Energy has an exclusive agreement with Attijari Finances, the merchant bank that is a subsidiary of the Attijariwafa Bank Group, for the construction and commissioning of photovoltaic projects and the distributed generation and commercialisation of electricity.


Power Generation

In the area of Power Generation, Cox Energy develops large renewable energy projects in stable and emerging markets, with a high rate of return and capable of competing on price with any source of energy. The company has over 5,000 MWp at different stages of development in Latin America and Asia and is starting to establish itself on the African continent. The Spanish company was awarded a 20-year contract to sell electricity to regulated customers in Chile for a total of 264 GWh per year, after winning the country’s largest ever tender for electric power, which was awarded in August 2016. The estimated investment will exceed 250 million dollars.

Distributed Generation

Cox Energy develops Distributed Generation projects in Latin America for the following sectors: Public, Industrial, Commercial and Residential.

Commercialisation of energy

The Spanish company commercialises energy and self-consumption solutions to residential, commercial and industrial customers.


COX ENERGY’s mission is the production of clean, renewable energy using innovative, sustainable productive processes that respect the environment.

The company, through its professionals, technical teams and experience, develops efficient energies that contribute to improving companies’ costs and competitiveness.