• BIVA


    • Cox Energy Acquires 100% of Cox Energy Europa, S.L.
    • Launch of the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan for Coxabengoa Group
    • Cox Energy wins the award for 38.4 MW in Guatemala to supply energy
    • Cox Energy begins trading on BME Growth stock exchange in Spain
    • Meseta de los Andes photovoltaic plant starts operations with a capacity of 160 MWp
    • Cox Energy America wins the award of 45 MW of renewable energy in Colombia
    • Cox Energy Group wins the award of Abengoa's productive assets


    • Ibergy founded
    • Cox Energy Colombia is authorized to market and supply energy
    • Cox Energy Solar signed a credit line with Barclays for up to EUR 30,000,000
    • Cox Energy America formally begins the dual listing process in Spain’s BME Growth
    • Ibox Energy sells 619 MWp to CTG China Three Gorges
    • Cox Energy America announces strategic partnership with NG Energy for the development of projects in Colombia
  • BIVA


    • The management of Grupo Cox Energy decides to carry out an Initial Public Offering of a portion of the stock of Cox Energy México (American subsidiary), moving it to its listing on the Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA). As a result, Grupo Cox Energy was restructured again, transferring the ownership of the Chilean, Panamanian and Mexican businesses, including all the related rights, patents, licenses, and trademarks, to Cox Energy América (formerly Cox Energy México).
  • BIVA


    • The Sonnedix and Cox Energy joint venture closes a $120-million-dollar financing deal for a 160 MW project in Chile.
    • Cox Energy appoints José Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza as its new CEO.
    • Cox Energy acquires 40% of Ibox Energy for 95 million euros, strengthening its balance sheet.
    • Cox Energy will start construction of a new 308 MWp solar project in Chile with an investment of $170 million dollars.
  • Historia


    • Cox Energy sells 30% of its stake in the Chilean company SPV P4 (acquired in 2017).
    • Cox Energy starts an orderly divesting process of its non-strategic assets in Chile and Mexico.
  • Mapa


    • The Mexican business unit closes a contract with Nexus Energía to sell electricity and manage power plants in the country. Subsequently, a joint venture with Sonnedix was signed for approximately 450 GWh per year of photovoltaic solar energy.
    • Grupo Cox Energy decides to restructure its operation into two sub-holdings, one for Europe and the other for the Americas, with dedicated management bodies and teams to conduct their operations and autonomously raise their own resources.
  • Suministro


    • Cox Energy’s Mexico branch obtains regulatory permission to sell energy to qualified users in the country (>1 MWp contracted power).
    • Cox Energy entered into a strategic agreement with Sonnedix (an investor of JP Morgan Asset Management) for the development, construction, and start-up of multiple renewable energy facilities in Chile. As a result, Cox Energy sells 70% of its interest in a major subsidiary in the country and acquires 30% of the shares of a platform in operation in Chile.
    • Cox Energy wins a 20-year supply contract for 140 GWh per year in Chile. The Company makes a partnership in Mexico to manage a 118 MWp solar farm in the municipality of Tepeyahualco, Veracruz.
  • Chile


    • Grupo Cox Energy enters public tenders in Chile and Mexico alongside recognized partners, obtaining a contract for 264 GWh per year from the Chilean government, the largest tender for energy from conventional or renewable sources in the history of the country.
  • Solar


    • Cox Energy Solar entered into an exclusive contract with NRG (a company with operations in the United States and Canada) for the development of assets in Latin America, which led the holding company to enter the American market.
    • The subsidiary Cox Energy México, S.A. de C.V. is created, which eventually is renamed Cox Energy América, S.A.B. de C.V., to operate in Latin America.
  • Sol


    • Cox Energy Solar, later a holding company of Grupo Cox Energy (Cox Energy Solar plus American and European subsidiaries), is established in Madrid, Spain, through the contribution of projects that had been developed by its founder since 2012.
Throughout its history, Cox Energy Group has proven its experience in the development of energy assets in both Europe and Latin America and has +9.0 GWp in the pipeline.
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