Corporate Governance

At Cox Energy, we have adopted and consolidated our Corporate Governance practices under the highest international standards of corporate ethics, sustainability and regulatory compliance. Supervised by the Board of Directors, these practices seek to ensure the implementation and compliance of our strategic plan, as well as maximizing the Company’s value for its shareholders, based on the following pillars:


In compliance with the loyalty and diligence duties to protect the rights of all the company's shareholders.


Provide information to shareholders regarding management effectiveness based on their duties and responsibilities.

Corporate Responsibility

Recognition and attention to the rights of all stakeholders.


Ensure timely, complete and accurate disclosure of all relevant issues, financial position and performance of the company.


Audit Committee

Responsible of overseeing the company through the establishment and monitoring of an internal control system, ensuring transparency and accountability, having among others, the following functions: i) assess and supervise the external auditor, ii) discuss financial statements with the people responsible for their preparation, iii) investigate possible breaches in operating guidelines and policies, internal control and accounting records.

  • Marcelo TokmanChairman
Corporate Practices Committee

Responsible of nomination and compensation matters, management of relevant transactions and transactions with related parties, through the following functions: i) assessment of transactions with related parties, ii) giving opinions on the appointment, performance and remuneration of the CEO and key executives, iii) proposal of candidates for the management bodies of the corporate group, and iv) request, if necessary, the opinion of independent experts.

  • Jimena González de Cossío Higuera   Chairman

Board of Directors

Enrique Riquelme Vives

Miembro Propietario

José Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza García

Proprietary Member

Andreas Haavel Mustad

Proprietary Member

Marcelo Tokman Ramos

Independent Proprietary Member

Román Rodríguez Fernández

Independent Proprietary Member

María Treviño Melguizo

Independent Proprietary Member

Arturo Saval Pérez

Independent Proprietary Member

Sergi Lucas Fernández

Independent Proprietary Member

Jimena González de Cossío

Independent Proprietary Member

Francisco Ávila Méndez

Independent Proprietary Member

Alejandro Fernández Ruiz

Independent Proprietary member

Martín Sucre Champsaur
Vice President of Legal Affairs

(non-board member)

Relevant documents

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
Código de Conducta y de Ética Empresarial

Our responsible business principles bring together a set of guidelines and policies that aim to establish the basic principles, values and guidelines that Cox Energy wishes to instill in the conduct of its Employees.

These guidelines and policies identify the standard of conduct any member of the organization and external collaborator should uphold, exposing the principles and values of business behavior, as well as the Company’s express and public commitment to them.

Approved in October 2020, they apply to all employees across all the regions where we operate.

The Whistleblower Channel is one of the main mechanisms that make our commitment to ethics and integrity effective, and through which you can report irregularities of a financial and/or accounting nature, non-financial irregularities, facts or conduct contrary to the Law, the Company's Code of Conduct, the Company's Risk Prevention and Criminal Crimes Policy and the internal regulations and procedures.

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (Spanish only) [Download PDF]

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Responsible Business Guidelines and Policies

Information, Communication and Contact with Shareholders, Institutional Investors, Financial Analysts and Voting Advisors
Información, Comunicación y Contactos

The Code of Best Corporate Practices promoted by the Business Coordinating Council of Mexico ensures the proper functioning of the governing bodies and administration of listed companies in order to generate trust and transparency for its shareholders; improving Internal Control and Corporate Responsibility, while seeking adequate segregation of roles and responsibilities in companies.

For this reason, and within this framework, Cox Energy’s Board of Directors approves the information policy, communication and contact with shareholders, institutional investors, financial analysts and voting advisors, and is responsible for its implementation and fulfillment to contribute to greater transparency, equality and symmetry in the dissemination of information generated by the Company, protecting and guaranteeing the exercise of their rights and interests in within the defense framework for social interest.

Information Policy, Communication and Contact with Shareholders, Institutional Investors, Financial Analysts and Voting Advisors (Spanish only) [Download PDF]]

Code of Conduct in the stock exchanges, Privileged Information Treatment Rules

The Code sets the rules for the management, control and transparent communication of privileged information, as well as securities transactions, imposing certain obligations, limitations and prohibitions on the people who have access to Privileged Information. This in order to protect investors’ interest in the Company's securities and avoid and prevent any situation of abuse.

Code of Conduct in the stock exchanges. Privileged Information Treatment Rules (Spanish only) [Download PDF]

Shareholders’ Meetings

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